‚ÄčMedicare insurance Group, a subsidiary of Health Insurance Exchange of the Midwest has been helping seniors since 2001. Along with assisting with Medicare decisions, our agency fills the gaps with many other insurance products to include Dental, Vision, Long Term Care, Life (Simplified, Term, Whole, Indexed Universal), Annuities, Legal Plans/Will & Trusts, Identity Theft and Property Casualty.

There are many Medicare plan choices for those turning 65,  who are currently receiving benefits and still others making decisions for their loved ones. Joanna Prisiajniouk of Medicare Insurance Group can assist in understanding the concepts of Medicare and selecting the best coverage solution easily by guiding you through your questions and specific needs.

For potential Medicare enrollees or for those currently enrolled in Medicare, Joanna can help you understand what Medicare covers and help you determine if your current coverage meets your needs for potential necessary changes as well.  We work with many plans available per designated state areas to save your money and keep up to date with changes that occur enrolling folks in a plan best suited for their medical and financial situations. 

Once enrolled in Medicare, an annual review of your coverage and deductibles is part of a sound healthcare management strategy.  She can assist in determining whether your current coverage is meeting your medical and drug prescription needs to determine any necessary changes.

It's always a good idea to stay on top of Medicare plan changes and reviewing how Medicare works to find the best cost effective solutions that are critical in maximizing the various benefits on an ongoing basis. Let us guide you for all your future Medicare requirements.